Rice Krispies Treats Presents with a Surprise


To make this cute and unique Christmas snack, you may invite your children to make this together. Now, prepare the ingredients and follow the steps until the end.

How to make Rice Krispies Treats Presents with a Surprise

Rice Krispies Treats Presents with a Surprise is children’s favorite which they can also be participated in making some at home. Check the recipe below!


  • Rice Krispies
  • Butter
  • Marshmallows
  • Candy Melts (Red and Green)
  • Candies or Gift
  • Ribbon (white)


1First, you need to prepare the rice Krispies and make them into two separate batches in two different bowls. Then, prepare a pan lined with a parchment paper. Pour the Rice Krispies into the pan using Crisco so that your hands won’t stick with the Rice Krispies.

2After that, roll the rice Krispies using a rolling pin to make it even. Make sure the thickness is about a half inch. Here, you need to prepare two pans which one is full of the Rice Krispies while the other is only half full. Then, allow the rice Krispies to cool until they are completely cool.

3Then, you may continue to melt the green candy. Here, follow the instructions written in the package to melt the candy correctly. To continue, simply pour the melted green chocolate over the half-full rice Krispies. Don’t forget to smooth the layer with a spatula and put it in the refrigerator until it turns firm enough.

4After that, you need to prepare a large square cookie cutter and form the base of the box in the other rice Krispies pan with no dark green chocolate on it. Then, use another large square along with a smaller center square. Make two squares using these cutters. Next, combine the base square along with the other two squares to form a kind of box.

5Do the same step to the remaining rice Krispies until you can make several boxes. If the dark green chocolate covered Rice Krispies is already firm enough, take it out of the refrigerator and cut several squares using the square cookie cutter to be used as the lid of each box.

6Now, you need to melt the red candy based on the directions written in the package. After it is completely melted, you need to prepare a ziplock package or pastry bag and pour the melted dark red chocolate in it. After that, cut a hole in the corner so that you may squeeze it out.

Now, you just need to decorate the lid square with the red melted chocolate and fill each box with the gifts that you use, like candy, small chocolates and many other. then, cover with the prepared lid and tie with a white ribbon.